We offer a multi-lingual technology platform that's capable of
creating transcriptions from speech to text in local languages with
translations, and additional services to enrich your text dataset.
IT Help Desk
Enterprise - Customer Experience

IT Help Desk

We deployed Qonda, our enterprise solution, in a help desk call center to improve quality assurance. Before Qonda only 1% of calls were being monitored for quality, yet 100% of calls were being recorded. We began by transcribing the audio and then implementing a number of Natural Language Processing tools to determine agent compliance. This allowed the team of 11 people who were previously focused on quality assurance to redirect their attention to coaching the agents. This shift led to both a Net Promoter Score increase and Average Handle Time reduction of around 30s per call over 100,000 per month.
Debt Collection
Enterprise - Collections

Credit card debt collection

We deployed Qonda, our enterprise solution, in a debt collector call center working with a large bank, collecting against overdue credit cards. We were tasked with helping to improve the overall collection rate by measuring the quality and nature of the customer engagements. For the first time, we've deployed a system that allows managers to track not just compliance but specific agents engagement metrics and tie them to the collection results on a daily basis.
Enterprise - Medical


We partner with a handful of great teams that specialise in automated medical transcription both in Africa and Europe. Reach out to us and we'll provide you with some great recommendations.